Understanding artificial grass

Understanding artificial grass


Artificial grass/turf consists of quilted fibers that are made to look like natural grass. This grass contains materials that help the blades to stand up and correspond to natural lawnshbjnklm.

Because of the many benefits that Artificial Grass Warrington has compared to natural grass, it is beeing used in a variety of settings such as sports fields, playgrounds, residential landscapes, etc.

Despite the many uses and advantages of artificial turf, there are some misconceptions you need to keep in mind.

Common myths about artificial grass

1 It is expensive

Come to think of it; you do not need to do a lot of maintenance like mowing, seeding, and fertilizing. This helps to save you time, effort and money that you would usually use for monthly retention in the case of natural grass.This makes it cheaper to maintain in the long run.

2 Contains substances that are dangerous for children and pets

The new artificial grass is made to be safe for everyone who comes in contact with it, be they children or adults.

3 Only suitable for sports grounds

Anyone who is knowledgeable about artificial grass knows very well that it is not meant only for sports fields but also in many gardens and other outdoor spaces.

4 It drains a lot

While this may apply to the low-quality artificial turf, it is not the case with high-quality artificial grass which contains pores that allow for free drainage just like natural turf. Therefore to be on the safe side, it advisable to look for reputable suppliers when planning to install synthetic grass.

Before you decide whether or not to use artificial grass, it’s important that you know both the advantages and disadvantages of the grass.

bjlnkmlAdvantages of artificial turf

1. After installation, you need little effort for maintenance. For instance, there is no need for any watering or mowing.
2. The grass will not be damaged after playing sports on the lawn.
3. Artificial turf is durable which means that you won’t incur additional expenses that would arise from replanting like in the case of natural grass.
4. There is no waste of time on pulling out weeds.
5. The grass is perfectly structured so that you don’t have to bother about an unkempt lawn.
6. Since there is no need for fertilizers to grow the grass, this means you will not have to pollute the environment on a regular basis.
7. After rainfall or washing, the synthetic dries quickly because if its excellent drainage.

Now that you know about artificial grass, it’s up to you to make a final decision based on your objectives, should in case you need to install the grass.