Swimming Pool Cleaning And Maintenance 101

Swimming Pool Cleaning And Maintenance 101

Whether you maintain your swimming by yourself or you have a dedicated pool maintenance staff, giving it the best is very crucial. Due to the complication of the chemicals used and its delicate needs, an understanding of how to go about it is a must. According to a pool expert pool, cleanliness is one of the most important and a daily maintenance issue. The only way to break through in this is to buy the necessary equipment. So, this articles is going to take you through how to deal with the pool cleanliness issue.

Swimming pool cleaning and maintenance basics

Various equipment used

Using a skimmer is the most popular cleaning tool used to clean a swimming pool. It is used to remove the debris and other forms of foreign bodies which fall into the swimming pool. The skimmer usually comes with a long pole to make sure you can reach all corners of the pool.


Another tool used to clean a pool is the suction cleaner. Suction cleaners are connected to a vacuum cleaner to suction all the dirt both on the walls of the pool as well as the floor  surface. Investing in the best of this equipment will help ensure your pool is getting the best services at all times especially when the need be. You may need to visit the web to see a list of the top suction cleaners to consider for your swimming pool.

Various chemicals used

Acid and soda ash are popularly used to balance the pH of the swimming pool. Maintaining the correct pH will save your pool from many issues as a safety hazard to swimmers and growing of algae. The correct pH should be between 7 and 7.5. Anything out of that bracket should worry you and need adjustment very fast. Other chemicals used occasionally are the ones to clear stubborn suspected particles of dirt especially after a dangerous and heavy wind carrying a lot of dust

Filtration and circulation

These two compliments the chemical procedure by ensuring that the chemicals are evenly distributed all over for efficient functioning. Giving the pool enough time to filter will ensure clear pool at all times and enjoyable swimming. Filtration helps to treat the water further and make it user more user-friendly.



A swimming pool owner has a lot do to keep sparkling clean and fun to swim in. It includes even buying a pool cover just in case it is not being used for long. Take good care of your pool as most of it uses common sense rather than technical approach.